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Tippy Typing to Fun!

     First Code Monkey post! Finch here, giving a bit of background on the coding side of life. It’s a hobby that can fulfil your wildest dreams or cause you to tear your hair out. Sounds fun right! Well with anything else in life that has large rewards, programming is a big challenge. Thankfully everyone can start small.

     During the course of the Code Monkey posts I’ll be sharing my progress on my final goal of making a game engine, but of course there will be the random forays into other coding stories. With how fun coding is and how distracted I get from my projects these posts will be going for a long, long time. This is not to say all the posts will be about what I like and what I’m doing. No, no. Cat has also expressed the interest in learning how to code eventually. Which basically means that this sight will probably see some flash features in the future. Or who knows, she may fall in love with it and make tons of projects. That’s enough about us, on to the code bits!

    Details will be in more in-depth posts later, but here is a small listing of the things I use on a regular basis. C++ is my language of choice. Though many other languages have been dabbled with, C++ seems to be what just clicks. With it’s many built in features but the capability to easily rewrite whatever you want, it is great for the beginner and the master.

    Tying in with C++ is the wonderful graphical framework Qt. It gives a massive library of functions that ease the creation of those complex window based programs like those we use everyday. A simple combination of code and you could have a text editor. After a bit of planning and some code experience, one could easily recreate most of the functions of the classic Word. Though being able to make such programs is fun, the main reason I use it is due to it’s platform independence. It’s so painfully easy to move a project from Windows to Linux to Mac and back again.

    This post could seriously go on forever so I’ll stop here. More shall come about random coding things so stay tuned!


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We're a 20 somethings couple based in Minnesota. While Finch is a native, Cat ended up here from Florida thanks to a hefty dose of wanderlust.

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